Summer 2010

Water Town

If you can't play in the snow -- play in the water!  Yes, this is me... today!!!

This is what I looked like before I got wet.  The disgust over having to wait to go in isn't as evident in my expression as it should be...

It was a two towel adventure!!!
Summer 2010

Snow Town

Come on over! I'm playing with the fabulous indestructible yellow ball AT gave me.  I bury it, I dig it out, I bury it, I dig it out... It's soooo exciting!!!
Summer 2010

Teddy Turkey

We went to see the runners in the Turkey Trot today!  Here I am with BD.  He was proud of me at first for not wanting to wear the hat, then I sorta forgot about it.


Once I started watching everyone go by, I pretty much forgot that I didn't like the thing on my head.  I got lots of compliments and a bunch of runners all in one big costume threw me a biscuit!


It was soooo much fun!!!

Summer 2010

Indulge Me and I Still Misbehave

That's me, you know, Miss Missbehavin':


CM took me to Isleview Park.  I swam in the spot she likes to go.  We walked to the other end of the park.  That's where BD likes to swim me.  She let me swim there too.  Then we walked back.  Then we did chuck-time in the field.  Four fabulous things in one shot.

Not one to appreciate my good fortune, once I was back home, I high-tailed it out to the yard, dug up a shrub and chewed on the root!  Am I fabulous naughty or what????!!!