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January 12th, 2013

Water Town

If you can't play in the snow -- play in the water!  Yes, this is me... today!!!

This is what I looked like before I got wet.  The disgust over having to wait to go in isn't as evident in my expression as it should be...

It was a two towel adventure!!!


Summer 2010


CM: Crazy Mom
BD: Big Daddy
GC: The "Golden Child," my predecessor who could do no wrong
RE: Resident Evil -- that's me, Miss Misbehavin'
BG: Bad Girl
VBG: Very Bad Girl
KB: Kitty Boy, my cat brother, TJ
SHD: Sniffin' Howdy-Do, my preferred method of greeting
MOP: Method of Oppression
BDF: Best Doggy Friend
TDD: Typical Doggy Day
!: Really
!!: Really, Really
!!!: Really, Really, Really
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